Custom Rifles

Custom Rifles by Gene Gordner are handcrafted to your specifications.Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Gene Gordner. I am passionate about hunting and for the past 35 years I have been building custom precision rifles for individual clients and the industry’s top companies. Click here to learn a little more about me.

Made in Montana

Every rifle I build is a one-of-a-kind custom crafted piece tailored to its owner. All work on your gun is performed in my shop here in the Flathead Valley of Montana. Gene Gordner’s Custom guns include the industry’s leading components and I meticulously craft each gun to your specifications.  Years ago, the finest custom guns came from Europe, but today Montana is famous for creating the world’s finest custom hunting rifles. Be sure to watch my newest video where you will see some of what goes into crafting a custom gun.

Quality, not quantity is what sets my rifles apart

Unlike many custom gun makers, I encourage my customers to create exactly the style of rifle they desire, to choose any caliber, shape or purpose, down to the smallest detail.  I will help direct the project so as to end up with a rifle of harmonious design aptly suited to the customers intended purpose by using the very finest materials available and the finest workmanship possible from human hands.  I can offer anything from a Blunderbuss Flintlock to Dangerous Game elephant stopper, or tack driving tactical rifle.  Some of the styles I am noted for include flintlock rifles, single shot buffalo guns, pre-war sporters, British stalking rifles, and classic dangerous game stopping rifles.

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Order only the finest custom rifle

The complaints I hear most often about other custom gun builders is the less than quality workmanship, unfulfilled promises (production schedule – delivery dates) and a lack of communication.  When you order a Gene Gordner Custom Gun you will receive emails with photos at every stage of the gun building process, and the finished piece will be exactly what you envision.

What type of custom gun fits your needs?

To get a better idea of the wide range of guns I have built for clients, visit my portfolio.  The photos below offer a few examples of guns I have crafted from antique firearms to modern day dangerous game hunting rifles.

Historical Reproduction Custom Rifle

Historical Custom Gun by Gene Gordner

Custom Made Big Game Rifle

Custom Rifle for Hunting Big Game

Wilkinson-MauserIf you are considering a custom gun, I am sure you will have a bunch of questions. Visit the page, “Ordering Q&A” to find answers to frequently asked questions and download the order form to see how your gun can be customized to fit your needs.
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