Ordering Q&A

Frequently asked questions about ordering a custom rifle

custom-rifle-order-formOrdering a custom rifle is not unlike having a tuxedo made to order. The tailor will take your measurements and discuss all options from the style you prefer to the cloth available, stitching and other choices that relate to a custom fit. I will do much the same in taking measurements and discussing all the options available to you.  Below are questions and answers frequently asked by most custom gun buyers.  At right is the order form from which I will order parts and build your gun. Download the order form here.

What are your payment terms to buy/order a rifle?

We ask for 1/3 at time of order, 1/3 when all parts are in house and the build begins, 1/3 at completion. cash, check, Visa or MasterCard

What warranty or guarantee do you offer?

There is a lifetime warranty on my workmanship and a manufacturer warranty on barrels, actions, etc

How long from order to completion?

This will be dependent on the complexity of your project (engraving, color case, etc) and lead time of lock, stock, and barrel; 8 -12 months is average.  More involved projects may require 12 to 18 months.

Will I receive any updates from you during the build process?

Yes, I will send you e-mail progress photos during build and finish at each step.

 Do I choose the stock wood or do you?  Explain the process/options.

custom-dangerous-game-rifleYou can supply wood, or give guide lines for me to choose, or select specific blanks from supplied pictures of examples according to your tastes.  I will have wood brokers provide me with available blanks in the price range requested, supply photos to you and we will discuss each option and choose the best solution.

Do I specify a particular finish, or do you choose the finish?

I normally use a tongue oil urethane blend to give absolute waterproof protection inside and out, as well as an old world hand rubbed finish with either a satin or gloss luster.  For a pure traditional approach I provide a hand rubbed oil finish at additional cost.

What components are bought from manufacturers and what is hand crafted?

I will use any good quality action that a customer might specify, bolt or single shot; ex. Granite Mountain, Winchester, Sako, Kimber, Defiance, Dakota, CPA, Sharps, Hagn, Remington, Hepburn, etc. and you can also supply components if you choose.  Each action is blueprinted and fine tuned to perfection by me before the build begins.  Function, feeding, and safety are all optimized by me.

Barrels:  I prefer Lilja, Krieger, Ron Long, Badger, Green Mountain of any caliber you choose, any contour, any length.  Precision Match chamber in every rifle is all set-up by hand, custom crown.

Stocks:  I specialize in custom wood stocks of any design or style.  Each stock layout is customized to customer specs: style, Length of Pull, comb line, cast off, toe out, grip style, cheek piece style, forend contour,  absolutely custom – no holds barred.  All inletting and shaping and finishing by hand with olde world style craftsmanship with an eye toward perfection at each step

What are my custom engraving options?

You can give specific input as to exactly what is desired in engraving.  Executed by engravers from the “Firearms Engravers Guild of America”  Any scope of engraving project is possible from the most elegant border to full coverage with inlaid gold figures. You can see an assortment of engraved photos here, which gives an idea of styles and possibilities.

Do you sell/provide scopes?  What are my options?

I will purchase and install any scope the customer desires, I do not sell scopes, but I recommend:  Ziess, Leupold, Swarovski, Night force. Additionally, any type of iron sights are available, or custom made if you specify.

Do you sell other accessories with your guns?

I can source custom leather slings, or I can supply choices of hard case, any accessories may be added and shipped at delivery: scopes, bi-pod, etc.

Do you build custom rifles for women?

I helped design a specific style to fit the female shooter called “The Lioness”.  It has different measurements of cast off, toe out, drop at comb and heel, to perfectly fit the female anatomy.  Giving better balance and more natural point-ability with no discomfort while shooting.  Each is fine-tuned to the particular customer according to size and personal preferences.  Available in any caliber from dangerous game to varmint hunting and sized accordingly.  No longer does the female hunter need to “make do” with her husbands ill fitting hand me downs!

Do your guns require any special care?

No, proper and safe cleaning after each shooting session to remove fouling will give increased accuracy and extend the years of service.  Remove debris and lightly oil your action to insure continued proper function.  Wood touch up with tongue oil or Watco Danish oil will enhance the beauty of the wood finish after trips to the field.

How do I order my custom gun?

Call me or send me an email to discuss your gun. Although you may not be able to answer all the questions, it is a good idea to download my order form and give me some idea of what you are envisioning.