Stopping Rifle

The stopping rifle is the professional hunter’s tool to save the day when things go awry.  Not every man needs a stopping rifle or would want to shoot one often, but the need does exist in a very BIG way.  The calibers are serious, the big 45’s 416’s and Rigby and Gibbs family are good choices.  You may desire to have a dangerous game rifle in one of the many suitable calibers available.  The most popular caliber is still the venerable 375 H&H, suitable for all dangerous game and easily handled comfortably by most hunters.

The rifle you can shoot very accurately will win the day many times over a heavy recoiling rifle if your shots go wide of the mark.  The classic straight stock and iron sights are still very appropriate for close work, a peep sight being very good medicine for aging eyes.  Some body styles will benefit from a Monte Carlo stock design and may be a good option.  Any caliber starting with 375 H&H may be had, and stock dimensions to suit your needs.  Weight range from 8.5 to 11 lbs.  All dangerous game rifles should come equipped with rugged iron sights, preferably a rear peep sight: and a removable low power scope.  The typical dangerous game rifle or stopping rifle tends to be on the large size; however it should be shaped with style and grace to handle well.  Simply because it is large it does not need to feel like a club in your hands.  The weight should be kept between the hands to help it point like a fine fitting shotgun, yet deliver the goods like a howitzer as Kevin Robertson would say.