Read what people say about Gene Gordner Custom Rifles

Any company or individual can brag about their products, but the true test of custom hunting rifles are what people have to say after they have used it in the field. Here are just a few comments from people who own rifles built by Gene Gordner.

Testimonial, big game harvested with one of Gene Gordner's custom rifles

I’ve had Gene Gordner stock a 7×57 and 9.3×62 for me. The workmanship is excellent in every detail, and they’re among my favorite hunting rifles, having traveled from Canada to Africa with me during the past decade.  Even when hunting has been slow, I can admire the fine stocks on my rifles!

John Barsness, firearms and hunting writer

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Custom made hunting rifle by Gene Gordner

I’ve owned some pretty darned accurate rifles in the last 30 years, but it wasn’t until I put myself in Gene Gordner’s hands that I had one that fit well.  And though I have to admit that it looked pretty geeky sitting there in his vise, when I throw it up to my shoulder it’s a done deal.  No more squirming around looking for the animal in the scope.  Kinda takes all the stress out of it. The icing on the cake? The wood and the workmanship are beautiful.

Eileen Clarke, Author/editor of Rifle Loony News, author of numerous game cooking books

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Custom Trapdoor Hunting Rifle

Testimonial about Gene Gordner's Custom Rifle

As you know I’m very demanding and sometimes difficult as a Custom Rifle customer. I want a Rifle that looks great, shoots bug hole groups, flawless fit and finish, and can withstand most anything Mother Nature has to offer.  I know this is an impossible criteria and I usually have to give a little slack here and there on the finished product.

There are Gun Mechanics, Gunsmith’s, Custom Rifle builders. and then there are Master Custom Rifle Builders. in that order depending on their talent.  The .375 Ruger you built for me last year met and exceeded my expectations and I didn’t have to wait two or more years for the finished product.

There are only a couple of craftsmen that fall into the Master Custom Rifle Builder category (in my opinion) and you are one of those”.

Chub Eastman – “Sports Afield”

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Custom rifles for hunting big game

There is more to just making a good looking, functionally perfect rifle. Fit, balance and feel are equally as important – especially for big bore rifles which will be used out here in Africa on the various dangerous game species. Such rifles need to combine the ballistics of a Howitzer with the handling qualities of a fine English shotgun. This is something Gene Gordner understands well – and most importantly is able to create. Gene’s DG rifles handle as well as they look.

Dr. Kevin ‘Doctari’ Robertson, Professional Hunter, Author – “The Perfect Shot”, “Sports Afield” magazine

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Gene Gordner Custom Big Game Rifle

Having a custom rifle built is a big deal for most folks.  You know what you want and an important part of the completed rifle is the ability to see that in the finished product.   Gene’s skills with wood and metal are as good as anyone building firearms today.   The fit and finish on his rifles are as good as I have ever seen; accuracy is excellent.  And somehow he is able to find that “thing” that you had in mind and make it a part of your new rifle.

In the pantheon of gun builders those at the top truly stand out as some of the most skilled artisans and craftsmen plying their trade today.  I would put Gene Gordner in the top 5% of America’s gun builders currently working.   Gene built me the most beautiful, accurate and personal rifle anyone could ask for and I give him my highest recommendation.

Over the near 70 years I have been a shooter, I have formed some opinions about what I feel makes a good hunting rifle.   It must be accurate.  It must appeal aesthetically.  The fit and finish must be near perfect.   Gene Gordner gave me all of these features in the rifle he built for me.  This one stays in the family always.

Mike Smith, Kalispell, Montana

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Ron Spomer - Senior Editor – Sporting Classics Magazine

Dozens, perhaps hundreds of craftsmen build wonderfully accurate, smooth-functioning “custom guns.” Gene Gordner goes beyond to create art, a fine balance and blend of precision, materials, craft, line and function. His finished rifles are one-of-a-kind. Each looks, handles, functions and feels as good as it shoots. And mine shoots sub-MOA with nearly anything I feed it. First, last, always. When you realize you don’t need another soulless plastic tack driver, give Gene a call.

Ron Spomer – Senior Editor – Sporting Classics Magazine

If you are looking to have a custom rifle handcrafted for you and you like what these folks have to say about my guns, give me a call and let’s discuss your needs.  Thanks,  Gene Gordner